Kay Turner is an award-winning international photographer. Her love for capturing emotional, moving, soul-stirring images was born when she and her husband lived in Korea in the 1990's. There she traveled throughout Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong documenting Asian culture.

Expressions, hearts and smiles were the only form of communication, the only one needed. Silent images spoke. From that time on, her love for photography has not dimmed. The flame for capturing and freezing a moment in time became her passion and remains so today. She creates once in a lifetime images, irreplaceable images.

After 19 years of wonderful surprises, she is still encouraged by every session to tell a story with images. Images that are as unique as the person in front of the lens. Images that never say a word, yet speak loudly. Poignant, soul-stirring, touching, revealing, emotional images. Images that touch the heart.

Explore the possibilites of telling your story with Kay . Who knows? Perhaps, both of you will be surprised. For sure, it is an experience you will long remember.

For more information about Kay, read "UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL".